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From London to Val d’Isère – A British rendez-vous at the top of the mountains

Fusalp invited British friends and influencers to a ski trip in Val d’Isère, France.

Jake Hall – @jakehall – is wearing the STYX beannie, the CEILLAC sweater et the STRATTON ski pants.


– DAY 1

Mountain art de vivre ‘à la française’


The British team, upon arrival on Alpine territoty, took up residence at the Les Barmes de L’Ours hotel that is located at the bottom of the famous Bellevarde Olympic slope.

After discovering this 5-star den that oozes warm elegance, the crew went bowling and had dinner at La Luge restaurant, in the heart of the Blizzard hotel, a fine 5-star establishment that has welcome three generations of snowboots.

Charli Howard – @charlihoward – (on the left) is wearing the HERMINE light jacket et the PACE EYES II ski goggles, Missé Beqiri – @missebeqiri – (on the right) is wearing the CEMA ski suit.


– DAY 2

Snowstorm and snowballs


The team braved the extreme conditions weather and played snow adventurers for a stroll in white paradise followed by an ice-skating session and dinner at La Baraque restaurant and its unique ‘good food & good vibe’ atmosphere.

Eric Underwood – @ericunderwood – (on the left) is wearing the LAUZON ski jacket and the TOM ski pants, Betty Bachz – @bettybachz – (on the right) is wearing the NEVE II ski suit.


– DAY 3

Sunny lunch at the top


Our Londoner friends put on their skis to glide in the footsteps of Antoine Dénériaz – Olympic downhill ski champion and Ambassador Fusalp – heading to the Refuge de Solaise for lunch at 2551 meters above sea level.

Gourmet restaurant, cozy bar, rooms with breathtaking views, swimming pool and jacuzzi. An extraordinary experience !

Kate Sumner – @fuschiakate – (on the left) is wearing the GARDENA III ski jacket and the TIPI II fuseau, Robert Konjic – @robertkonjic – (on the right) is wearing the HOCAMO ski jacket and the FRANZ II fuseau.

From left to right : Jake Hall, Kate Sumner, Antoine Dénériaz, Missé Beqiri, Robert Konjic, Charli Howard.

Photo credits : Matthieu Cellard ; Hôtel les Barmes de l’Ours

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