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FUSALP IS COMMITTED I Our “Philanthropy and Patronage” project for the development of sustainable movements



In a world in constant movement, Fusalp, a brand that is true to its roots and open to the world, is sharing its energy and values of Commitment, Optimism and Audacity with a collective project. Born in 2020, ‘Fusalp s’Engage’ (Fusalp Is Committed) is an important philanthropic patronage project.

To support associations that accompany projects that are fair, sustainable and responsible to protect the environment and improve the life of disabled people and those in precarious conditions.


The projects carried by Fusalp s’Engage ensue from a selection of associations proposed by members of the Fusalp ecosystem–employees, affiliates, partners, suppliers–and put to the vote. For this first year, four associations have been selected: Baskets aux Pieds, Sport dans la Ville, Naturevolution, Reforest’Action. They will be supported by the involvement of the Fusalp teams and by a sum allocated by the Foundation.



Baskets aux Pieds
BAP-Foundation is a non-profit organization which supports the daily life of hospitalised children by helping them to discover nature as seen from the sky through virtual reality (VR) technology. A unique concept of immersive images of nature retranscribed in virtual reality, entirely dedicated to the engagement and relief of children in hospital.

Fusalp s’Engage is supporting a grand tour of hospitals throughout France organized by the associations, to share this technology with as many children as possible.

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Sport dans la Ville
From sports to employment
The main association for integration through sports in France for over 20 years, Sport dans la Ville has helped promote the social and professional integration of the 6,500 young people registered with the association, by actively participating in their progress and personal development.

Fusalp s’Engage is supporting a week of ski holidays for 100 young people.

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Naturevolution is an environmental association that works to preserve biodiversity and improve knowledge about living species. Its mission is to preserve the last remote natural environments, among the richest on the planet, which are now threatened. In order to protect them durably, it helps developing the communities that depend on it, which is proof that human societies can coexist in harmony with their environment.

Fusalp s’Engage is supporting the creation of two school vegetable gardens in the Makay region of Madagascar.

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Reforest’Action is a company with a social vocation that enables individuals and initiatives to take concrete action in favour of reforestation in France and throughout the world. Their 2020 challenge : to plant and regenerate three million trees in France.

Fusalp s’Engage is supporting the reforestaction of a suburban forest in France.

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