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MEETING | AURÉLIE JULIEN – Founder of Aurélie Julien Collectible


Who are you Aurélie Julien ?

Rather than literally saying who I am, I would cite the titles of two works by American artist John Giorno which are my Mantras: “You Got To Burn To Shine”. I acquired the part and have this sentence engraved on my Ipad. But also: “It’s Not What Happens But How You Handle It” (It’s not what happens, it’s how you manage it).

These two poetic phrases guide me.



You are the founder of Aurélie Julien Collectible, how would you define your activity ?

I founded Aurélie Julien Collectible in 2015 to defend collectible design and contemporary art. Martin Szekely, a long-time esteemed friend and master of radical contemporary design, asked me to take care of the relationship with collectors interested in his work.

At the same time, I wanted to start defending a new category of creators, the architects and decorators that create furniture : Isabelle Stanislas, Joseph Dirand and more recently Alexis Mabille.

That same year, I met Virgil Abloh, a multifaceted figure, who is essential in today’s fashion. It was with him that my role as designer agent took on its full meaning. Today I represent the famous French duo Normal Studio and the young rising Russian star based in New York, Harry Nuriev / Crosby Studios.


My expertise and the extent of my knowledge and contacts acquired over the past twenty years through my collaborations with key people in the art and design markets such as Carpenters Workshop Gallery, Maison Matisse and ceramic artist Sandrine Pagny, allow me today to offer personalized advice to private clients.

This activity of consulting in contemporary art and design with private collectors has expanded; I work in particular for the project of a foundation that unites these two fields. It will be born in Europe within the next ten years.


What is the major difference between art and contemporary design ?

The major difference between art and contemporary design is the utility function. It is the only one for me, knowing that as a collector, for twenty years now, I approach in my choices one and the other in the same way. The difference is that the table I have chosen will be used to receive my friends for dinner.

In any case, art and design will have the function of nourishing me intellectually. That’s why I find it very unfortunate when collectors sometimes choose one while ignoring the other. It is ultimately too rare to see collections where art and design coexist.

Too often we only favor art. This is where my work becomes interesting, with the idea of ​​convincing or in any case making art collectors want to turn to collection design as well, in order to give an intellectual coherence to their interiors.



When you set your attention to a work, what attracts you in the first place ?

Above all, it’s intuitive. Quite simply, I like this work. Then, what is certain is that my intuition is linked to my personal history, what I have lived, read, seen, so it obviously changes over time. A work can get boring one day … Or you can suddenly acquire an artist, sometimes long after having seen their work for the first time. This is what makes collecting fun and exciting: it is full of surprises.


Charlotte Perriand and the sleek, graphic and modern design of her creations are often cited as references by Mathilde Lacoste – Artistic Director of Fusalp – when she evokes the architecture of the clothes she designs. If you had to name just one, who would be the designer that inspires you the most in this special time ?

The designer who inspires me every day through the beauty, intelligence and thoroughness of his work is Martin Szekely. It is this spirit of aesthetics and coherence that drives me and that is shared by my colleagues.



You master all your activities with great energy and seem to always be on the move. How do you recharge ?

I practice sports for 10 hours per week. Most of those at Studio A, a small New York-inspired gym. I ski a lot in winter and practice yoga religiously. I like how demanding yoga is, you have to focus on alignment, positioning and exactitude.

Aurélie Julien wears the FLORENCE sports bra in Black and the MANON leggings in Black

Follow Aurélie Julien on Instagram : @aureliejuliencollectible


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