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The youngest of five siblings, Christine d’Ornano has evolved from a young age in a world where the taste for adventure feeds a passion for entrepreneurship, and where beauty is a family affair. At the helm, with her brother Philippe d’Ornano, of Sisley International – a French brand of natural cosmetics founded in the 70s by their parents – Christine d’Ornano talks about heritage and the future.



Who are you Christine d’Ornano ?

I am the youngest of five children. My parents created Sisley around the time of my birth, so I grew up with the brand but sometimes from afar because since the age of 8 I have often lived abroad, from Spain to the United States, via England and Mexico. I have made stops in Paris at different stages of my life and I am now back there. Traveling made me very cosmopolitan, even if I have always kept a real love for France.


Since you were very young, you have lived in a world of care, well-being and aesthetics. What is your relationship to beauty ?

Rather than beauty, I like to talk about taking care of yourself. I find it very important. It is good for morale and it is a mark of respect towards those around us.
Whatever your age, you owe it to yourself and to those close to you to have a healthy lifestyle. It goes from physical exercise, to what you eat and how you take care of your skin. Remove makeup in the evening, apply a cream, protect yourself from the sun. It is about self-confidence, which is so important. And then, it’s also a real moment of pleasure and well-being. In return I think that we should not become obsessive, all this must remain natural.



Sisley’s success story, which began in France in the 1970s and continues today, far beyond the borders of France, is a great and beautiful family adventure. What inherited values are essential to you ?

Quality, authenticity, but also creativity. My father always told us not to look too much at what others are doing so as not to blur our own vision.


You are at the helm of the group with your brother Philippe d’Ornano, and you are also the mother of three little girls. What would you like to pass on to them ?

The same values ​​that were passed on to me. The love of work, of our teams, and of doing what inspires them. Our family motto, that my father loved to repeat, is “you don’t have to hope to start a business and you don’t have to be successful to keep going.” It’s an entrepreneur’s motto ! We also have a real sense of family which is very important to us. With 10 grandchildren who are starting to grow up, it’s always very lively at home !



Sisley products were born from the meeting of science with nature, putting these two entities at the service of cosmetics. A daring positioning, precursor for the time, that resonates so much today. What are your aspirations for the Sisley brand in the near future ?

To always make quality products that really beautify the skin.
Research is going further and further and we are discovering new active ingredients that allow us to envisage new actions. It is also to grow our new brand of hair ‘Hair Rituel by Sisley’ which is already starting very strong.

Photo credit : Benjamin McMahon
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