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MEETING | Claudia Riegler-Dénériaz and Antoine Dénériaz – Fusalp’s Ambassadors and Mentors of the brand’s Young Champions Program



Back to basics for Fusalp, as the brand continues to weave the historical bond that unites it with the great champions of Alpine skiing.

It was in the 60s that the brand revolutionized ski wear by creating the first technical tapered pants that would soon be worn by members of the French team, such as Jean Claude Killy, Guy Périllat,
the Goitschel sisters and Léo Lacroix.

True to its history and its culture of commitment, Fusalp is going even further and develops a support program for young athletes in the discipline under the mentoring of ski champion Claudia Riegler-Dénériaz and Olympic champion Antoine Dénériaz, who are both brand ambassadors.

Meetings, sharing of experiences, master classes, summer academy amongst other actions are planned to support the young champions in their careers.

We met Claudia Riegler-Dénériaz and Antoine Dénériaz for a cross interview.


Who are you Claudia Riegler-Dénériaz and Antoine Dénériaz?

Claudia: I am an Austro-New Zealander, a former Alpine ski champion with several World Cup Slalom victories and three participations in the Olympic Games (1994, 1998, 2002). I am passionate about skiing and sports in general, the mountain is one of my favorite playgrounds!

Antoine: I am a former member of the French Alpine ski team. I ran at the highest level, in the World Cup for 11 years, from 1996 to 2007. I became Olympic Downhill Champion in 2006 in Turin and also climbed six World Cup podiums, including three victorious ones. Today, I run my own business developing, manufacturing and marketing high-end Made in France skis sold under the Dénériaz brand.



What attracted you to this idea of ​​mentoring young talents of Alpine skiing?

Claudia: How lucky! Experiences are made to be shared and if we can help young athletes to reach their goals, to highlight their potential, then it’s great!

For the launch of this program we will work with three extraordinary athletes:
Marie Bochet, Paralympic Alpine ski athlete, who is the most successful in the history of the Paralympic winter games with 67 World Cup victories, Mathieu Faivre, who won his first World Cup victory in 2016, and Sacha Theocharis, ranked 9th at the Pyeongchang 2018 Olympic Games, 9th in the 2017-2018 World Cup ranking and double French champion in 2018.

Throughout the season, we will support talents and young hopefuls like the French Karen Smadja-Clément (1st at the French Alpine Skiing Championships), Léo Anguenot (5th at the Junior World Championships in Val di Fassa), and the Norwegian Kaspar Kindem (1st at the Norwegian Downhill Ski Championships).


Antoine: I had the chance to live my childhood dream: to join the French Alpine ski team, to win World Cups, to be an Olympic Champion. I wish all of these young people the chance to feel such emotions, reach their goals and express their full potential.

But the journey is long, sometimes difficult and strewn with pitfalls… I have acquired a lot of experience during all these years which I will pass on to others with pleasure. Sharing and helping young people will be a way for me to give back to sports all that sports have given me!


What do you want to pass on to these young people?

Claudia: Everything we have learned from our competitive experience: focus on the goal, believe in yourself and your potential so that you never give up on a bad day. The “work” value is obviously very important.

We will be there to encourage and energize them so that they never lose sight of their objective, whatever the difficulties that may arise. Sometimes these obstacles are simply there to remind you how much you want to succeed! You have to know how to move forward “step by step”, a little progress every day leads to great results!

Antoine: The values ​​of work, effort, self-confidence. As a mentor, and at my own scale, I would like to encourage young people by putting their knowledge, skills and experiences into perspective so that they understand their value. But also support them towards autonomy, particularly in terms of mental preparation.

The idea is to help them know how to mobilize their own resources, find in them the right solutions to overcome obstacles and move step by step towards the goal they have set for themselves. When we want, we can! The work always ends up paying, you have to believe in it and never give up.

A career is made of good times, but also moments of doubts, injuries. You have to know how to hold on, sometimes give up, always believing in your potential, never deviating from your goal, always believing in your dreams…


Claudia Riegler-Dénériaz wears the CENAC Ski Jacket in Black
Antoine Dénériaz wears SANDER FUTUR Ski Jacket in Dark Blue

Follow Claudia Riegler-Dénériaz and Antoine Dénériaz on Instagram:
@claudia_riegler @antoine_deneriaz_ski


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