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MEETING | Germain Louvet – “Étoile” of the Paris Opera ballet

Germain Louvet – @germainlouvet – has been dancing since the age of four.
On Wednesday 28 December 2016, after his performance in Rudolf Nureyev’s version of the Swan Lake, in which he played the role of Siegfried, Louvet was named “Étoile” of the Paris Opera at the age of 23. Today, he is one of the greatest dancers of his generation.
Charismatic movement artist and a perfectionist, we met him.


Who are you Germain Louvet ?

It depends when, where, and whom with… Most of the time, I am a boy of my time, or a girl. I am mostly focused on laughter and carelessness, I am sometimes committed and stubborn, I sometimes have my head in the clouds, I sometimes have my shoulder to the wheel (figuratively, unlike my brother Louis!).
Editor’s note : Louis Louvet is a French professional road racing cyclist.

I like the idea of ​​belonging to the artist family, even if I think we are all artists, except of course those who take themselves too seriously and kill imagination and idealism.

Was it a childhood dream to become an “Étoile” of the Paris Opera ballet?

Not really. I never dreamed of being a dancer until I knew it was possible to become one. The same goes for the “Étoile” title. Above all, I liked to dance, everywhere and all the time, and luckily I still do! Being an “Étoile” allows me to do even more.


How does one become an “Étoile” of the Paris Opera at the age of 23 years old?

Without asking too many questions … You need a hint of talent, a touch of physical capacity, a good amount of work, a bowl of love and passion, and of course a big can of luck!



How do you manage to get into the skin of the character, to express its emotion using ‘only’ the movement of the body? What connection do you have with the characters you play?

By being myself as much as possible, even if the story takes place in another century, a parallel or imaginary world, and that the character’s character is not mine to begin with. I would say that, rather than putting myself in the character’s shoes, I put the character in my own skin. When I play Romeo, I don’t think “How does Romeo love Juliette? “, but rather “How do I, Germain, love?”.

What is your relation to movement?

I imagine it is the same for a writer with words, or a musician with musical notes. It is both abstract, innate and sometimes it can even be conflicting. I also think that it is because of this conflict, this resistance between body, mind and movement, that we sometimes find more meaning, more depth.

One cannot hide from the movement of the body; the body always translates one’s deepest intimacy, whether it is accepted or not. It’s a game between what we want to appear as and what happens in spite of us that makes dancing so exciting.

Germain Louvet – @germainlouvet is wearing the EAGLE ll jacket in Dark Blue, the LESTIO sweater in Spicy and the DERG trousers in Black.

Photos credit : Théo Saffroy

*Relive in pictures the nomination of Germain Louvet as “Étoile” of the Paris Opera

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