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MEETING I XAVIER WARGNIER – Serial entrepreneur and beauty addict

Bold entrepreneur and lover of all things beautiful, Xavier Wargnier is the founder of Ateliers HeritageBike®. He designed, along with Guillaume Monsigny, an exceptional electric-assisted bicycle.

On the occasion of the release of the first series of “Heritage” bikes, Fusalp, that shares with Ateliers HeritageBike® a passion for beauty, a drive for performance and a great appetite for innovation, is presenting the first limited edition ‘Heritage’ series in its stores.



Who are you, Xavier Wargnier ?

Not easy to talk about oneself, but I would say that in my fifties I am someone who directs his life towards what provokes emotions in order to feel alive. Emotions of beauty, contradiction and exchange, but also of authenticity. As you can understand, I am attracted to optimism and I try to leave behind all brakes and obstacles.

You are the creator of the Sommets du Digital, the founder of Editions Kawa (specialised in publishing books on innovation, marketing and digital transformation), and the founder of the HeritageBike® Workshops. A ‘serial entrepreneur’ for over 20 years. What is your driving force ?

Undoubtedly the passion, and also the adrenaline that comes with putting myself in danger. I am also lucky enough to not need a lot of sleep, which allows me to have longer days and a busy schedule.



Your latest entrepreneurial adventure (Ateliers HeritageBike®) is ambitious. You created an electrically assisted bicycle designed in Annecy and made in France. Tell us about the genesis of this new project.

Again, emotion and passion are the main drivers. This project is almost a “Made in France” coup, the real one, that of master craftsmen and excellence. It is also working with our designer Guillaume Monsigny, with whom it is a real pleasure to give life to projects where beauty, exception and expertise collide.

I was dreaming of an unusual electric bicycle, which creates an emotion comparable to that generated by an old Porsche 356, a Riva boat from the 60s, a dish from a great Chef or a luxury garment. Then, a bit of audacity to go and find partners who share this taste for beautiful things and the desire to give meaning to an approach and then… we were on track! And then the economic situation is on our side, especially after this Covid-19 crisis during which French manufacturing and the bicycle as an alternative in mobility make a lot of sense.



The Heritage bike is a mix of expertise, technology, craftsmanship and beauty, a real “Made in France” product. Its design is unique and the materials used are very high end. What inspired this orientation ?

Instinctively, I believe that the world of the beautiful, mythical and vintage motorbikes that have always made us dream, and in particular the Scrambler or Café Racer models, has established itself as a true source of inspiration. We wanted to relocate production and return to the expertise of yesteryear. So we decided to move away from manufacturing in Asia with a low-quality industrial production.

At the HeritageBike® Workshops, we are proud to have succeeded in this challenge of quality and “Made in France” in limited series: designed on the shores of Lake Annecy, we have a steel frame worthy of the best bikes and made “by hand” in the Pyrenees, carbon fibre from Limoges, leather from a craftsman saddler in Le Grand Bornand, painting near Toulouse …

We share with our customers this taste for luxury and beauty for an exceptional bike.



Innovation and performance, aesthetic audacity and love of beauty are all characteristics that Ateliers HeritageBike® and Fusalp have in common, in addition to their Annecy origins, the cradle of both brands! An event is being prepared to celebrate the release of the first HeritageBike® series in partnership with Fusalp boutiques. Can you tell us a little more about it ?

Our two brands indeed share the birthplace of the shores of Lake Annecy and its mountains, but we also share beautiful values in terms of creation, quality and our quest for beauty and authenticity.

And yes, we are going to exhibit our iconic “Heritage” model exclusively in 5 of the brand’s most beautiful boutiques (Biarritz, Bordeaux, Paris Marais, Lyon and Nice) until the end of October. As our bikes are in very limited and numbered (only 120 copies per year), Fusalp customers wishing to purchase this exceptional electric bike will of course have an extra privilege.

* Participating stores :

Paris Marais
9 bis rue des Blancs-Manteaux
(+33) 1 42 72 36 86

44 cours de l’Intendance
(+33) 5 57 99 12 66

54 avenue Édouard VII
(+33) 5 59 47 97 06

8 rue Gasparin
(+33) 4 78 82 52 99

3 bis rue paradis
(+33) 4 22 13 06 79


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