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MEETING | Marie Bochet – A healthy mind in a healthy body



Marie Bochet is the most successful French Paralympic Alpine ski athlete in the history of the Paralympic Winter Games, with no less than 8 gold medals at the Olympic Games, 20 world champion titles, 98 World Cup victories and 26 globes.

Bochet is a specialist in technical disciplines, especially in slalom (when she started), and she is today a complete skier who sets “no limits” and inaugurates the “Young Talents” program developed by Fusalp under the mentoring of Fusalp ambassadors Claudia Riegler-Dénériaz, ski champion, and Antoine Dénériaz, Olympic champion. We interviewed Marie Bochet.


Who are you, Marie Bochet ?

I was born in the Beaufortain region of Chambéry. I’m 26 years old and have been skiing downhill since I was a little girl. I entered my first handisport competitions at the age of 11, on national and international circuits, and my first Olympic appearance was at the Paralympic Games of Vancouver in 2010. I won my first medals in Sochi in 2014.



Can you describe yourself in three words ?

Mountain girl, through my attachment to my region, to its values of mutual aid, respect for nature, others and work. Perfectionist, a quality that drives me to improve and always do better.

Passionate about skiing. The sensations that I feel when I ski are my engine, they guide me in my career !



You are a skier with an impressive track record, how do you approach your physical and mental preparation ?

When we think of high-level skiers, we generally imagine training on the slopes and on the glacier, and we often forget that a high-level skier must train 11 months out of 12 !

Physical training is essential, it protects us from glitches, injuries, it plays a major role in success. We practice very short efforts, which very demanding, very hard for the body, so we need to be optimally prepared.

Mental preparation is just as important to me. It is not yet integrated enough into athlete preparation programs, but we are talking about it more and more. It’s a discipline that my coach and I have integrated into my preparation for several years.

It is essential, one can have an irreproachable physique, an impeccable technique, if the mind does not follow it is not good !



What advice would you give a young skier who wants to embark on competitive skiing ?

Work, stay focused, have self-confidence, know how to question yourself in order to progress.

Like any high performance sport, it is difficult and the competition is tough. In an athletic career, certain stages are very hard to pass, but you have to surpass yourself, to give 100% to avoid regrets !

Whatever the outcome, if you know you’ve given your best, defeat is easier to accept !

You are part of the launch of Fusalp’s “Young Champions” program. What are you expecting from it ?

I am delighted to join Fusalp’s “Young Champions” program. It is a brand initiative that I appreciate and that I find super interesting, in particular because it is based on intergenerational exchange and it highlights the notion of big family that the world of top level sports is.

When I competed in the Vancouver Olympics, I was very young, I would have liked to benefit from this type of mentoring. I would have had a lot of questions to ask , and maybe I would have not missed this first paralympiad …

I have been given a lot in my career, it is my turn to pass on, to put myself at the service of young athletes to help them perform and to make us vibrate, because if I am a sportswoman, I am also a passionate spectator.

It is a win-win: we save time for the next generation and for us alumni, this is an opportunity to pass on.


Marie Bochet wears the STELLARIA light jacket in Spicy color.


Photos credit : Studio Lamadone


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