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MEETING | Mathieu Faivre – An enthusiast with an impressive career

Mathieu Faivre is a French Alpine skier who started his career at the Isola 2000 resort school, in the Alpes-Maritimes. At the age of 18, he won the title of Giant Junior World Champion on 31 January 2010 in Les Houches, following in the footsteps of his elder Alexis Pinturault. Consequently, victories multiply, notably with a gold medal at the World Championships, and no less than eight medals at the World Cup.

Mathieu Faivre joins this season the “Young Champions” program developed by Fusalp under the mentoring of its Brand Ambassadors: Claudia Riegler-Dénériaz – ski champion and Antoine Dénériaz – Olympic Champion. We met Mathieu Faivre.



Who are you Mathieu Faivre?

I was born on 18 January 1992 in Nice, a city that is more famous for the Mediterranean sea and sunscreen than it is for snow and down jackets. From a very young age, I lived in the resort of Isola 2000, located an hour and a half from the palm trees. This is where I discovered skiing and the sensations it gives. This childhood passion has become the reason why I get up in the morning. A passion that makes me who I am today with my strengths, my weaknesses and my contradictions.


You started your career with a great victory at the Giant Junior World Championships in 2010 in Les Houches. How do you approach your physical and mental preparation?

The importance of physical preparation has evolved enormously since my victory at the World Junior Championships, even if it is a little-known part of our sport. You would think that when the snow leaves our mountains we skiers are on holiday, but not at all! Today, including the hours I spend on skis, physical preparation represents almost half of my total training time.

It is essential to have a complete, varied and suitable preparation to claim a first place in a full World Cup season. The mental aspect is also very important in my preparation. This is an area that requires real personal investment. The search for improvement in each area of ​​performance is endless, perhaps even more so for the mind. It is very important to find the right balance between working on the little things that can be improved and being aware of developments in order to reap the benefits.



The history of Fusalp is closely linked to that of the great skiers of the French Alpine Ski Team of the 60s and 70s such as Jean-Claude Killy, the Goitschel sisters, Léo Lacroix, Annie Famose or Guy Périllat. What does this generation of champions, pioneers of ski competitions, inspire in you?

These big names in French skiing were the best skiers in the world when Alpine skiing started to become popular around the world. They have become legends. They have contributed to the influence of skiing and that is the reason why their names still remain so important in our discipline to this day.

This generation has been a pioneer in the professionalization of ski racing and the energy they have instilled in this direction still benefits us today to push the limits of our disciplines even further.



What advice would you give to a young skier who would like to get into competitive skiing?

I would tell him/her not to forget to have fun. This advice may seem trivial, but it is often when one forgets this key element of sort that it becomes complicated to step back and be objective in order to progress. There are many ways to have fun, and it is so so personal, that I would also tell them to figure out what “having fun” on skis means to them.


This season you are taking part of the first edition of Fusalp’s Young Champion program. What do you expect from it?

Exchanging and sharing!


Mathieu Faivre wears the ASPON jacket in Dark blue, the CEILLAC sweater in Noir and the HURIEL sleeveless jacket in Noir.

Follow Mathieu Faivre on Instagram : @mathfaivre


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