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MEETING | @Mumdaymornings – A businesswoman with catching energy



Who are you Constance de Schompré?

I am the mother of two little boys and a former lawyer. I decided to go through a professional retraining a few years ago. I first created a blog to share my tips with moms, then I launched a brand of clothing and accessories for the whole family: sweatshirts, T-shirts, tote bags and jewelry that I imagine according to my seasonal inspirations.

This year, I opened a showroom in the 16th district of Paris, it is there that I meet clients and loyal subscribers for my greatest pleasure. At the same time, I’m working on a family book about food that I elaborated like a guide to eating better.

And since I never stop, I am currently training to become a sports coach in order to open my studio in Paris next September. To achieve this, I got my inspiration from American gyms that I tested and adapted to offer my community of women a new concept that I called “The New Me”. I have great and beautiful energy to communicate! Stay tuned.



Lawyer by training, you launched your @mumdaymornings brand, it’s a radical change! What were your motivations?

I say it every time: meeting people. Life is made up of encounters, all enriching in some way. I am married to an entrepreneur whom I have always admired enormously, I am very positive and energetic but also very curious. I’m interested in many things; if I had 10 lives I would probably have 20 different jobs! Many ideas have crossed my mind, mostly focused on well-being. I wanted to open organic restaurants, juice bars, or even become a psychologist…

Meeting people also helps us find our way. I have a lot of friends who are lawyers, I am very appreciative of my former female colleagues who have an exciting but often very addictive job when you are a mother; this is one of the elements that were decisive in my professional change.



Via your Instagram @mumdaymornings, you have launched “The New Me” live shows, which are very successful. What advice would you give to people who would like to embark on an entrepreneurial project?

I plan to open my studio in western Paris after the summer, my coach training is getting certified and, before confinement, I was viewing possible venues. I am very whole and share a lot with my community. When the confinement was announced, I wanted to keep this link and decided to set up the Instagram live sessions. At the beginning, I went on a limb, it was far from perfect but I had the energy, the desire and some good playlists. It all resulted in an incredible craze!

Now, I offer these live sessions twice a week. It’s a time of great happiness, sharing and kindness during which we free our body and our mind. So, to those who would like to embark on an entrepreneurial adventure, I would repeat what I have been taught: ideas do not count, only execution counts. Everything can be improved, so you have to start and really go for it…



You are a mom and a wife, the creator of the @mumdaymornings brand, a sports & well-being coach… you multiply activities! What is your wellness routine?

I practice sports five times a week at least, I am fortunate to be my own boss, which allows me to organise my time and make sports part of my daily routine. It is a necessity, I need to evacuate, to recharge my batteries, it gives me a good dose of positivity.

I practice dynamic yoga two to three times a week and I do several fitness classes such as body bar and cardio training. I eat very healthy, seasonal products, no meat, little fish and organic as often as possible. I drink a lot of water and every morning I have a celery juice that I make with an extractor, it gives you incredible energy. I also take care of my skin using natural organic products that are really basic. I look after my boys the same way.


You are a very dynamic person, an entrepreneur at heart, what are your future projects?

Life without projects is boring! Having projects is a real driver. I have a lot in store. Today, my priority is to finalize the application which will offer my live sessions and to open my Parisian studio as of the start of the school year in September in order to be close to my growing community which is very loyal.

Constance @mumdaymornings wears the FLORENCE sports bra in Black, the MANON leggings in Black and the LUCE light jacket in Argent

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