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MEETING | SÉBASTIEN BOUILLET – Innovative pastry chef and chocolatier



Sébastien Bouillet, if you were to introduce yourself in a few words, what would they be ?

I was born in a cooking pan ! My parents had a cake shop in Croix Rousse (Lyon, France). It was there that I took my first steps as a child and as a pastry chef, as an apprentice to my parents! I then followed a training in pastry and chocolate making, then I took over this family business a few years ago.


How would you describe your universe ? What are your sources of inspiration ?

My universe is very contemporary. I like to revisit classics such as rum baba, lemon tart or Saint-Honoré. I play with textures, colors… As for my inspiration, I draw it in particular from traveling. My meeting with Japan was love at first sight. This country is for me an infinite source of inspiration, both in terms of techniques and flavors. It also brought me a lot from a human point of view, especially on the values ​​of sharing and transmission.



Pastry and chocolate making are crafts that require not only creativity, but also precision of the movement and right balance of flavors. What is your creative process ?

These are indeed creative trades which allow us to play with materials, to sculpt them. We are fortunate to have in our laboratory a person in charge of research and development. When back from trips, we entrust our ideas, our discoveries to him and we work together to develop new creations, to imagine new associations. This is how we can constantly reinvent ourselves and offer our curious and discerning customers delicious, beautiful things.



Since 2007, you have opened five points of sale in Japan, a country with which you have forged a very strong bond. What influences of Japanese gastronomy are found in your creations ?

For a long time, it was a dream to visit this country. When I finally got to explore Japan, it was an epiphany. I like their sense of service, good citizenship, a job well done. The local gastronomy is exceptional, creative.

Everything is inspiring : the twists and turns, the mix of flavors, the textures, the spices, the citrus. I brought back techniques such as cake cloth and ‘crème d’ange’. The ‘taste emotions’ I have had in Japan are comparable to those we feel when tasting French gastronomy.



Gluttony, a bad thing ?

It’s the best flaw ! To be greedy is to eat life to the fullest, it is to be curious, it is quite simply to love life !


Let’s end this interview on a sweet note : what is your Proustian moment ?

My grandmother’s apple pie. The recipe is quite simple : a shortcrust pastry, homemade apple sauce at the bottom of the pie, apples cut into strips, a little bit of vergeoise to caramelize the apples. Add to that the little secret touch : out of the oven, my grandmother let the pie cool slightly, then she placed small cubes of butter which melted on caramelized apples… I often make this recipe, but never find its original flavor, it misses the main ingredient : my grandmother’s touch !


Sébastien Bouillet wears the LIMODORE III polo shirt in Sorbier and the MARLY sneakers in Black

Follow Sébastien Bouillet on instagram : @bouillet_lyon_tokyo

Photos credit : Studio Picabel


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