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MEETING | THOMAS HURIEZ – Founder of 1083 and Made-in-France spearhead

After a first entrepreneurial adventure in ethical fashion in 2007, Thomas Huriez and his brother Grégoire decided, in 2013, to create 1083, a brand of made-in-France eco-designed jeans and footwear.

Their challenge? Relocate the manufacture of these products to France and less than 1083 km from one’s home. A successful gamble !

So, when Mathilde Lacoste – Artistic Director of Fusalp – felt the urge to revisit the Jeans for the Fall/Winter 2020-21 collection, the idea of a collaboration with 1083 became obvious.

On the occasion of the release of this capsule, we met Thomas Huriez to hear a little more about his ambitious project.


Can you tell us a bit about you, Thomas Huriez ?

As a child, I grew up in the Grenoble region, and every weekend we would go to Romans, in the Drôme, to see my grandparents. After studying electrical engineering and computer science, I worked for four years as an IT manager. Boredom combined to the will to find my path motivated me to change my professional life.

At 26 years old, I moved to Romans-sur-Isère and transformed our family home, located opposite a large factory outlet centre, into an ethical fashion boutique: Modetic. It was in 2007, I discovered sales, fashion and entrepreneurship. The first years were hard work, the clothes I sold were more beautiful in substance than in form, but every day made sense. After 4-5 years of activity, I was beginning to master the trade, but the brands I distributed were beginning to experience difficulties. That’s when I imagined creating my own fashion brand to compensate for the closure of my suppliers and modernise my collections.


Where did the idea of creating your own jean brand come from ?

Jeans are super popular, but they are also one of the most polluting clothing items in the world. In 2008, I took up the challenge of making them in France, less than 1083 km away. Why? Because that’s the distance between the two furthest cities in France, Porspoder in Brittany and Menton in the south-east. At the launch in 2013, we made ourselves known thanks to the unexpected success of our participatory fundraising campaign. At the time there were two of us, my brother Grégoire and I, and we hoped to sell 100 pairs of jeans. Seven years later, our customers have enabled us to create 150 jobs in France, including 70 in our factories, workshops, offices and stores.


What is a pair of 1083 jeans ?

A pair of 1083 jeans is first of all jeans that are manufactured less than 1083 km from your home, whereas traditional jeans travel an average of 500,000 km. For the past seven years, we have been relocating all the manufacturing stages to France and there is complete transparency as of where each stage of the process takes place, from spinning to production.

All our jeans are made from organic cotton (or recycled materials) and are certified ‘Origine France Garantie’, a label that guarantees that more than 50% of the product’s cost price remains in France and that the product takes its essential characteristics in France. At 1083, 97% of the price goes to the local economy.

Buying 1083 jeans is more than just buying a pair of jeans. It’s taking action today, for a better tomorrow. It’s taking the lead and being more responsible than the society we were born into, so that it evolves in the right direction. Jeans that look as good on the inside as they do on the outside !


When 1083 and Fusalp met, the idea of a collaboration instantly blossomed. Can you tell us a bit more ?

We met with Alexandre Fauvet – CEO of Fusalp – and Mathilde Lacoste – Artistic Director of Fusalp – and discussed the values that our brands have in common and our passion for work well done. The idea of working together on this project was in line with our policy of structuring the relocation of an entire sector by creating long-term collaborations. And then, pooling our technical and aesthetic expertise to revisit a fashion piece that is as iconic as a pair of jeans while preserving its DNA was an interesting challenge to take on !


What is next for 1083 ?

One of our major ambitions is to relocate cotton production, the only remaining step we have to take in France. As cotton farming is not adapted to our climate, we have launched the “Moncoton” project with the aim of setting up an industrial recycling line for old jeans to make 100% recycled yarn.

On the store side, in addition to our shop on rue de Turenne in Paris and around a hundred retailers, we will soon have four new 1083 points of sale—Lyon, Nantes, Grenoble and Romans—that will coexist with our Modetic business. More generally, we are continuing our development and the team is growing over the years. We are also concentrating a lot of effort on our spinner in the Vosges, which we took over two years ago after they experienced difficulties, to safeguard their jobs and their precious know-how.

We create beautiful partnerships with other textile players, we are manufacturers for beautiful brands and the demand for jeans made in France is constantly increasing! One of our priorities is therefore to increase our production capacities, we meet workshops, we create workshops, we train, we repair, we improve, we adapt… in short, thanks to all our customers, we grow !

Thomas Huriez wears the GABIN III polo shirt in Sorbier red and the DARIUS jeans in Black.

Follow 1083 brand on Instagram : 1083borneinfrance


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