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MEETING | @Young_Emperors – Duo creator of movements

Nelson Tiberghien and Isabelle Chaput – @young_emperors – stage their union through videos and photographs inspired by everyday life.

Their visual signature ? A cool mix & match of their elegant shared wardrobe. We met them as part of our movement artist campaign and gave them carte blanche.


Who are you, @young_emperors ?

We are a life and street duo. We met at the Gobelins image school in Paris. It was an obvious encounter, we had the same desires, the same interests and already a similar clothing style.

We didn’t have to push that much, birds of a feather flock together !

This was the starting point of our artistic reflection : the notion of difference in uniformity, of attitude transversality, of male and female changing rooms… it has become our way of life today.


How did you decide to stage your duo, to make it a concept ?

Our association was completely organic and nourished by the shared interest that we had in photography as a mode of expression, but also in the matching movement, which is very popular in Japan and Korea.

Matching explodes the taboos of gender and love expression. It is a movement in which we immediately recognized ourselves.

We rewrote it by mixing everyday life, treated as a documentary, with fashion photography, and we thought of it, always with a touch of humor, like a performance of contemporary art, an artistic street ballet that would highlight the movement of the body stopped in time.


You create unusual visual performances. What are you inspired by ? How do you choose the format of your work ?

We get our inspiration from the street, watching life and people passing by. For us, everything can be aesthetic, all it takes is watching people, scenes of life unfolding or the most banal places through the right prism.

Cinema, and in particular that of Godard, inspires us a lot: the framing, the lighting, the dynamism of his images, as well as their lightness… every detail counts, nothing is left to chance !

For the choice of framework of our visual performances, we privilege instinct, visual opportunities, and behind each image, there is a real reflection and a lot of work !

What is the message you wish to convey through work ?

We want to show that notions of gender and difference can be gently erased without destroying people’s identity.

We do not like paraphrasing and do not want to be didactic, however by breaking the codes of beauty, color and gender, we hope to convey optimism, kindness and show that beauty is universal.

What is your link to movement ?

Movement is one of the foundations of our creative work. We performed artistic performances in the street that highlighted the movement of the body.

Our passion for photography and the way it breaks down movement inevitably influences us in the way we see our work.

The staging, the clothes we wear, as well as photography, are vectors to relay the message of freedom and universality that we want to express through movement.

Isabelle Chaput and Nelson Tiberghien are wearing the VICTOIRE sweater.

Photographic credit : Théo Saffroy

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