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MEETING | Aurélia Del Sol – Wellness entrepreneur

Aurélia Del Sol is a dynamic young woman with a rich career in entrepreneurial adventures.

Inspired and inspiring traveler, she is the founder of the @jesuisbonne blog but also co-creator of the Chez Simone wellness concept.

She is now a yoga teacher and not only !

Aurélia currently lives in Australia where she takes the time to develop her small business to share her passion for well-being.

Her serene and invigorating dynamism, her propensity to rebound and her contagious vital energy have aroused our curiosity. As she’s always on the move, we met her between two flights to find out what drives her in life.


Who are you Aurelia Del Sol ?

I was born in Paris on January 11, 1987.
I am a traveler at heart, teacher and student of yoga and Ayurveda and passionate about music !


An anecdote about your career ?

If only there was only one … Life is rather playful so I have a few. These last years I had my lot of twists !

But here at 32, despite the deep fear in my stomach, I changed country and even continent and embarked on new training.

Not really anecdotal as experience, but rather significant and impactful choices.

Nothing is simple but the desire to live ones passions and make a living out of them makes the journey a little smoother !

What an adventure, what a personal enrichment ! And finally, the world is small : I continue, over the days and even at the world’s end, to meet people I know or who know me : friends of friends of friends … It’s amazing !


What is your relationship to gesture and movement when you practice yoga ?

What I like most about yoga is the approach that goes beyond positions.

There is certainly thoroughness but it is also how to have this basis to go further, to be in a “let it go” mood, to connect to ones breathing (the PRANA) and to follow ones intuition.

In yoga there is no good or bad, each body is unique and in motion, is transformed in its own way, according to each ones breathing.

Create movement, space, heat, to finally find calm, balance and serenity in the heart of oneself.


What is your daily “well-being” routine ?

Since my last YTT – Yoga Teacher Training – I managed to (finally) find the little routine that suits me well.

I start the day with a large glass of warm water with fresh lemon juice or vinegar cider that I drink in order to re-hydrate, cleanse and restart the digestive system.

Then I do a Pranayama meditation session and some yoga to put my body in motion and tackle the day in good shape.


What is your favorite vitamin course ?

Right now I’m into avocado puree mode with a sesame oil sauce, soy sauce and lemon.

I add pumpkin and sunflower seeds, ground flax and sprinkle with crumbled fresh goat cheese. A bomb for breakfast !


A healthy address to share ?

I share my time between France and Australia. I have two favorite addresses : the Maisie Café in Paris which offers vegan gluten free organic cuisine, very creative.

In Australia, I really like Bayleaf in Byron Bay. The food is gourmet, the breakfast a real experience and the coffee exceptional !


And what are your plans for tomorrow ?

I am currently in Byron Bay – Australia – for one year. I am taking part in a new 800-hour Yoga Purna training.

In parallel I work on the organization of retreats on the theme of well-being, which will take place in Menorca and soon in Marrakech. Stay tuned !


Our personal shopper has prepared a selection of products from the Spring-Summer 2019 collection, what are your favorites ?

For a yoga session, BADEN leggings and ANOR sports bra. These hyper stretch clothes are like a second skin.

By leaving the session, I put on the LEVANNE jacket, light, warm and comfortable, essential not to cool down.

I also felt for the FITZ top and the JANIC t-shirt, the lightweight material is very comfortable to wear.

And finally, I adopted the ultra light ANNA II jacket, perfect for a running session at the end of the day when the temperatures drop, it lets a good freedom of movement and protects from the wind.

What I like about the Fusalp collections is the possibility of wearing these clothes during the day, the pieces are very well cut and fitted.

Wear sports clothes yes but with a twist of elegance !


Spring-Summer 2019 Fusalp selection – Yoga inspiration : 

ANOR sports bra                             BONY top                            CORCELLES leggings

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