Univers Fusalp

The Fusalp ski suit

The constant quest of technicity and comfort are the drivers of the Maison Fusalp research and development.

1966 – Historical year of both revelation and revolution of the ski suit : fitted shape, technical fabrics and a design easing aerodynamism. This innovation was immediately spotted on the international alpine ski scene and proved itself by impressive results from the French ski team : 16 medals won at the Alpine World Ski Championship.

The ski suit imposed itself as a fully functional component of athletes ski training. To complete its product, ski brands started to develop high performant equipments such as helmets or back protection to ensure athletes safety.

Over the years, Mathilde Lacoste, Artistic Director of Fusalp, collides tradition and innovation by designing suits giving them an urban twist (Catz II – 2018 Spring/Summer collection) and taking them on the slopes (Umma, Ingrid and Stranda II – 17/18 Fall/Winter collection). The high quality fabrics and materials allow an ease of movements and a real insulation.

Mentioned ski suits available on fusalp.com