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International Women’s Day – À Chacun Son Everest !


Fusalp is mobilizing itself for women alongside the À CHACUN SON EVEREST ! association.

In order to celebrate International Women’s day, Fusalp is offering to donate 10% of the e-shop generated sales * to the Association À CHACUN SON EVEREST!. The Association accompanies women in remission of breast cancer to help the “healing process”, by climbing “their personal Everest”. Relying on the power and the parallels between the difficulty of a summit ascent and the (long) path of healing.

Fusalp has been a partner of À CHACUN SON EVEREST ! for many years.

The entire stay for women and sick children is fully taken care of by the association (registration, travel, accommodation, medical supervision and mountain professionals, equipment, activities and various outings). The association needs our support to keep accompanying more women and children each year to reach “their personal Everest”.

Thank you for your support and commitment to help À CHACUN SON EVEREST !

* 10% of pre-tax sales revenue generated on the www.fusalp.com e-shop from 02 March 2018 to Thursday 08 March 2018, midnight.


À CHACUN SON EVEREST ! was founded by Christine Janin, doctor and mountaineer in 1994.

Christine Janin has an extraordinary background, a lively and endearing personality, and the gift of bringing the magic of light to life and our resistance.

In 1990, she was the first French woman to reach the roof of the world, Everest (8848m).
In 1992, she embarked on the ascent of the “Seven Summits”, the seven highest summits of each continent (Vinson, McKinley, Elbrus, Kilimanjaro, Mount Carstenz and Aconcagua), becoming the first European to conquer this challenge.

In 1997, she became the first woman in the world to reach the North Pole.

Back from this extraordinary world tour, enriched by these human adventures, Christine met Hélène Voisin (Director of the school at Trousseau Hospital – Paris) who offered to meet the children at the Hospital to share her travels and adventures with them. This experience strengthened the idea that there was a parallel between the difficulties encountered to conquer a summit and those lived to overcome the disease.

Christine Janin, then met the Professor André Baruchel (Head of Department of Haematological Paediatrics at the Saint-Louis Hospital – Paris). Together, they set up the first courses in the mountains, and in 1994, allowed several children with Cancer and Leukaemia to regain self-confidence, by becoming the driver of their own healing.

The “À CHACUN SON EVEREST !” association was born. The camp was set up at the foot of the Mont-Blanc in 2001 and the Maison Vallot opened up a few years later, specially designed to accommodate these children.

In 2011, Christine Janin wanted to be even more useful and responded to a real public health problem. She opened the doors of her house in Chamonix to women who had suffered from breast cancer. Hosted for an entire week, these women alternate between sports activities, beauty, well-being and personal exchanges, supervised by a team of multiple talents.

Each year, approximately 14 weeks of training for children and 14 weeks for women are organized and fully supported by the Association.

Since 1994, 4 372 children and, since 2011, already 849 women have been hosted.