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By launching the ski Young Champions programme in 2020, Fusalp shared with the young sportsmen and women of the discipline its passion for innovation and drive for performance.

As part of its Young Champions programme, Fusalp has brought together some of the athletes who are members in Annecy – the birthplace of the brand – and by video conference, to attend the first masterclass. On the programme are discussions, discoveries and experience sharing.

Claudia Dénériaz-Riegler, Ski Champion, and Antoine Dénériaz, Olympic Champion, who are ambassadors and mentors of this programme, are present to accompany the athletes throughout the day.




Discussions are joyfully intense, opinions jostle and experiences are shared… the dynamic of a real team! The word ‘team’ takes on its full meaning for these sportsmen and women who live for their dreams. This spirit is a determining factor in their preparation, whether physical or mental. Even in individual sports, everyone feels a real need for support. The pressure is great, and the sportsman’s pressure even greater. 

Claudia Dénériaz-Riegler advises never to forget where you come from or lose faith in your passion or regret your choices. This implies focus and determination.

Youri Duplessis and Sacha Théocharis discuss their questions about wounds and the necessary steps for a better comeback.

Antoine Dénériaz shares his own experience: six years of preparation and a return from injury eight months before the 2006 Turin Olympic Games. The rest we know, an Olympic gold medal and a title that no Frenchman has managed to win since. 




Sharing one’s passion involves both sharing with the sports community and beyond. The power of social networks is important in the life of a sportsman or woman–whether for financial or image purposes, an e-reputation needs work.

Whether it is to announce the results of a competition or to share training tips, the image reflected must be considered and professional. Karen Smadja-Clément insists on the positive side of these means of communication and the visibility that they can bring if used intelligently. Social media is managed in different ways by different talents; some do not differentiate professional from personal, others prefer to put up barriers. However, the purpose remains the same, they want to help their community discover their universe and share their emotions.




Fusalp’s motto is “the art of movement”, and every participant adheres to this philosophy. The movement has to be right, practiced and has to accompany the sportsman–our young team was able to demonstrate its skills during a wake surfing session on Lake Annecy. The support was great, the curves were precise and the confidence was there. 

Finally, to accompany the athletes in their preparation for the coming season, Fusalp invited naturopath Florence Linossier to a work session with the young champions. Different themes were discussed, such as pressure management and mental preparation, the benefits of nutrition or how to optimise one’s diet as a top-level sportsman. Finally, an introduction to essential oils as a means of healing and preventing injuries and ailments was also part of the day.

The day was filled with positive emotions, and Fusalp thanks the young champions who participated in this first masterclass that echoed the values of the brand: commitment, audacity and optimism.
We wish them a great 2020-21 season.




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